BioNova aims to accelerate the innovation and productivity of businesses in Nova Scotia’s bioeconomy through our Projects, Programs, Services & Events with the support of our stakeholders and funding partners.

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2017 BioInnovation Challenge

We’re searching for the top new life sciences company in the region. Applications are now open! Apply here! ...
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    BioPort Atlantic is the premier annual life sciences industry event in Atlantic Canada. Since 2002, BioPort Atlantic has provided a forum to inform and inspire the life sciences community to develop their ideas, commercialize their technologies and build links within the region and with guests brought in from around the world.


    TAP allows life sciences SMEs to apply for small project funding to engage technical expertise that is not available within their company. The technical expertise received is intended to allow the company to overcome an immediate challenge that is acting as a barrier to commercialization.


    We created this workshop series to accelerate the innovation and productivity of Atlantic Canada’s businesses while boosting the bioeconomy. We offer various business topics, from intellectual property and patent system changes to marketing and communications, workforce enhancement and more. The sessions bring together BioNova members from across Nova Scotia, …


    The BioInnovation Challenge (BIC) was created by BioNova to help ease the transition from research laboratory to market. But BIC is more than just a competition; it is a support program to assist life science companies and researchers interested in commercializing in becoming established, viable entities. Since its inception in 2011, the BioInnovation Challenge has ushered 38 companies from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick…


    We believe making face to face connections will build better partnerships and strengthen our industry. Quarterly networking events like Biotech Social, the annual Holiday Reception, the Annual General Meeting, and celebrations of a job well done with Good News & Blues are essential events that connect our industry and provide a place where we can discuss common challenges and opportunities.


    The program offers local companies and research organizations the opportunity to bring an international collaborator to Nova Scotia and facilitates the creation of focused international business and research alliances and is an opportunity to move existing international relationships into the next level of the collaborative process, and may include company recruitment,…


    BioNova participates in a select group of external conferences that are seen as pivotal events for the local industry. For these select, external events, BioNova partners with local, national and international organizations to develop assistance programs for member companies, which may involve discounted registrations, speaking engagements, and travel and accommodation assistance.


    BioNova’s BAP program is a suite of individual program initiatives that are assembled based on the present day needs of the local life science community. The program has an over-arching goal to move businesses down the commercialization pathway faster to get technologies and products to the market sooner.