BioInnovation Challenge Winner 2013 .

Spring Loaded’s Levitation™ knee braces use an entirely mechanical hinge mechanism that works by storing energy when the user flexes the knee (while placing weight on the legs), then releasing energy when the user extends the legs. The result is a product that can assist the quadriceps muscles during knee extension, thereby providing the user with effectively enhanced leg muscle strength and power. Our hinge is designed to work on rigid frame knee braces, similar to those already on the market for the treatment of ligament injury and osteoarthritis. In addition to assisting knee extension, our braces therefore also provide joint off-loading and lateral stability benefits.

Levitation™ knee braces can be customized to fit your particular needs. The level of force output can be fully adjusted, both in terms of maximum output, as well as as the range of motion that is assisted. Our braces are safe to use, and in fact, can prevent many knee injuries from occurring in the first place.

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Chris Cowper-Smith, CEO