When most of us hear the word ultrasound we imagine a fetus in the womb but physicians in many other fields rely on ultrasound technology to treat their patients. Like any other technology, ultrasound imaging has evolved and has left suppliers in demand of the latest and greatest gadgets to provide the best results for the medical field. Wanting to capitalize on this opportunity, Drs. Jeremy Brown and Robert Adamson incorporated Halifax-based Daxsonics Ultrasound Inc. in 2011 and went to work designing and developing all aspects of highfrequency ultrasonic technology to supply the market demand.

The science behind ultrasound technology involves the use of high-frequency sound waves, similar to echolocation used by bats, whales, and dolphins or SONAR used by submarines. The harmless ultrasound waves allow a physician to see inside of a patient’s body without any invasive surgery or risk of radiation exposure from medical imaging. Traditional ultrasounds work with soundwaves from two to five megahertz, but Daxsonics’ technology works at 30 to 50 megahertz, allowing them to provide more detailed and dynamic images of the body’s internal organs.

The journey through entrepreneurship for Daxsonics Ultrasound Co-Founders, Drs. Rob Adamson and Jeremy Brown began during their undergraduate degrees in Ontario. Dr. Brown, who was focusing his studies on ultrasound research required a specialized piece of lab equipment that was unavailable. Using his ingenuity he began to design his own. That experience would be the catalyst that would launch their business and lead them down the path of developing custom ultrasound products and software for clients.

Over the past five years, Drs. Brown and Adamson have grown Daxsonics and attracted an expert team of electrical, acoustic, and software engineers, including co-owners Andrew Bezanson and CEO, Jeff Leadbetter. This team is an integral part of product development for medical companies who enlist Daxsonics’ expertise in ultrasound technology. Their innovative solutions for the evolving ultrasound technology market make Daxsonics a great addition to Atlantic Canada’s growing portfolio of medical technology companies.

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