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The Emera ideaHUB, Dalhousie University’s new incubator for companies building physical products, has accepted its first seven resident companies, and has room for more.

The goal of ideaHUB is to provide working space and mentorship for companies that aim to produce and sell physical products, not just software. The facility aims to link its resident companies with experts at the Faculty of Engineering and provide access to workshops and 3D printers.

Companies developing a product or hardware have special needs, such as building prototypes and devising manufacturing and supply chain strategies. The ideaHUB’s goal is to provide the support for these companies that is unavailable elsewhere.

“I think Canada has identified innovation and growth as keys to success for our economy,” said Margaret Palmeter, Manager of the Emera ideaHUB. She added that organizations in Atlantic Canada have identified “that we need to grow more companies here in Atlantic Canada, and where better than our academic institutions for these next-gen ideas?”

The facility on Dal’s Sexton Campus is still under construction, but ideaHUB has already accepted the following companies:

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