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DGI Clinical is a Halifax-based company focused on the provision of tools and techniques for patient-centered research and health care. DGI focuses on individualized outcome measurement and works with clients to build SymptomGuides. These sophisticated tools allow patients to set goals for treatment which can be tracked over time. SymptomGuidesTM have been used by diverse groups as outcome measures in clinical research and as patient monitoring tools in clinic settings. The success of the SymptomGuide methodology stems from DGI’s commitment to putting the patient at the center of everything we do.

As part of our focus on patient-centeredness, DGI has developed a host of novel analytical techniques that can enhance understanding the clinical meaningfulness of existing pharmaceutical data. DGI continually invests in developing new analytical tools that increase the information value of existing clinical trial data. We employ sophisticated data mining, bioinformatic and biostatistical methods. More recently, we have expanded using network analytics and assessments of biological ageing, especially to companies interested in age-related disorders.
DGI is made up of data scientists, health experts, dynamic business-minded people and problem solvers. We are passionate about our company, and finding innovative solutions for our clients. If you have a passion for health research and patient-centered care, are detail-oriented, analytical, and want to work in a small, highly innovative environment, then this is the role for you.

DGI Postdoctoral Fellowship
As a postdoctoral fellow, you will take a key role in our data analytics team, working with our scientific team on a new research and development project focused on network analysis. The overarching objective of the project is to develop and validate a new analytical tool using network science to provide additional clinical meaningful insights from pharmaceutical data. The projects specific objects are to:

• Develop network models and information measures as novel, commercially viable tools to assess response to treatment in clinical trials of Alzheimer Disease (AD).
• Validate the analysis approach in an AD drug trial by investigating whether this approach can reveal differences in network patterns and connectivity degree in people on treatment versus those who are not.
• Investigate whether the network analysis approach can unmask a treatment effect in AD drug trials where the response to treatment is otherwise equivocal/unclear.

The project has been scoped out and has an estimated end date of December 2018, with the possibility of extension. We hope to recruit for the position as soon as possible.

• Using clinical trials data, systematically investigate the optimal conditions for the emergence of
change in network connectivity between control and treated patients to discern relationships
between dementia symptoms.
• Project management of the entire R&D plan.
• Close liaison and teamwork with other members of the DGI data science team.

• PhD, preferably in engineering, bioinformatics or a related discipline
• Preference given to someone with connectivity analysis background
• Preference given to someone with an understanding of clinical trials methods and clinical trials

Preferred Skills

Planning and Coordination

• Excellent organizational skills and time management; can maintain stores and retrieve study
• Critical thinker; can synthesize training / beta testing results and provide feedback
• Able to manage project; team player who can also work independently

Data Science Understanding

• Demonstrated expertise in understanding connectivity theory
• Experience in clinical setting and/or clinical trial management is an asset
• Comfortable with documentation and presentation of methods and results
• Has strong attention to detail

Other skills
• Ensures confidentiality and works in an ethical manner
• Ability to anticipate and solve problems
• Ability to recognize when to consult with other experts
• Excellent communication and team skills. We provide a non-hierarchical, collegial environment
and work in partnership with our clients
• Proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Salary will be determined based on experience, but will be in the range of $55,000 – $65,000 salary per

Please apply with your expression of interest to our President & CSO Kenneth Rockwood,

The DGI Clinical offices are located at 1730 Market Street, Halifax, NS.

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