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Chelation Partners Presents Data on Their Lead Non-Antibiotic Anti-Infective Compound at the 2018 Kansas City Animal Health Investment Forum.

Halifax, NS, Canada, September 12, 2018 – Chelation Partners Inc. (CPI), a Halifax based life sciences company, has presented interim results from a field study comparing a clinical standard of care to its lead compound (DIBI, a specific iron chelator) for canine otitis externa at the Kansas City Animal Health Investment Forum. The study compared the ability of DIBI combined with an anti-inflammatory and a clinical standard which contained two antibiotics – one to control bacteria and one to control fungi and yeast – as well as the same anti-inflammatory to resolve naturally occurring otitis. Interim results from the double-blind, comparator-controlled study has revealed statistical improvement over time in both groups and is suggestive that DIBI is performing similar to the comparator.

This result clearly demonstrated that DIBI has the potential to function as a non-antibiotic anti-infective. Further, Chelation Partners approach of denying iron to limit growth of both bacterial and fungal or yeast pathogens is viable. Human and veterinary medicine are faced with the same infectious disease challenges including the rise of multi-drug resistant (MDR) pathogens. MDR pathogens are of global concern, and the development of non-antibiotic approaches is at a critical stage for human and veterinary medicine.

Canine otitis externa (COE), defined as inflammation of the external ear canal, is often accompanied by bacterial and fungal overgrowth. COE is one of the most common disorders of dogs, and represents a major market application for Chelation Partners, Inc. CPI is also contemplating additional veterinary applications including ocular and dermal infections, bovine infectious mastitis, urinary tract infections, and other major infectious disease applications for the animal health market.

“The interim results are very encouraging and support the application of this iron sequestering technology for dogs with otitis externa, a very prevalent condition often accompanied by multi-drug resistant bacteria. Midwestern University is excited to be part of advancing an innovative non-antibiotic anti-infective technology with potential broad applications in veterinary and human medicine. This study furthers the One Health approach to solving significant medical problems affecting humans and companion animals,” said Craig Woods, D.V.M., M.S., M.B.A., Director of Midwestern University’s Institute for Healthcare Innovation and one of the study’s investigators.

About the Canine Otitis Externa Study
To date, 30 dogs with naturally occurring otitis externa (ear inflammation) have been randomly assigned to receive either DIBI plus dexamethasone or a commercial clinical standard of care product comprised of an antibiotic, antifungal and steroid. Subjects are receiving twice per day topical treatment for a week and clinically evaluated for redness, swelling, ulceration, exudate and pain (OTIS 3 score). In addition, bacterial and fungal isolates for complete microbial identification is being collected from each dog.

About DIBI
DIBI is the lead of a new generation of patented purpose-designed anti-infective iron chelators under development by CPI. Unlike antibiotics, DIBI denies microbes of essential iron that is needed for growth and survival, and therefore represents a new alternative to antibiotic therapy. DIBI by itself has antimicrobial properties but has shown the ability to restore and potentiate efficacy of existing antibiotics. As such, CPI believe DIBI has broad applications for the development of novel treatments and/or use with existing approved antibiotics.

About Chelation Partners
Chelation Partners is a pre-clinical stage pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing purpose specific novel iron chelators as non-antibiotic anti-infective alternatives and as a means of enhancing or restoring the efficacy of antibiotics. The global challenges associated with Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) or Drug Resistant Infections (DRI) demand a number of approaches to provide viable solutions. Chelation Partners approach will allow continued use of the existing portfolio of antibacterial and antifungal antibiotics as well as applications of DIBI as a monotherapy in certain indications. The Company has an IP estate that will allow creation of new IP for existing generic antibiotics, provide a strategy for life cycle management of current on-patent medicines and allow these to remain as frontline therapies.

Chelation Partners Contact
W.M. (Bill) Cheliak, PhD
Co-Founder and Interim CEO

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