Do you want to work at a cutting edge and fast-moving medical software company?  3D Bolus is an emerging company in the Medical Technology field in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Today, we specifically work within the Radiation Oncology vertical improving patient care during the radiation treatment process. Not only do we have a ground breaking software application but we are also working with 3D printing which is really cool. To build a high performing developer team we are offering an outstanding compensation package, with a flexible work schedule and an environment where professional innovators can thrive and develop by working with cutting edge technology every day.

You can connect with us in a way that best suits you…we are out there waiting on Facebook (3D Bolus), Twitter (@3DBolus) or via email ( If you’re not the whole package on paper that’s ok we may still be interested and  we really like meeting talented people.

What you will be doing

We like our software engineers  to function autonomously with minimum of management. We like our software engineers to work collaboratively sharing software design and architecture feedback to the development team. Our software engineers can manage their own tasks and workload while working closely with the lead software engineer to ensure delivery dates and obligations are met. We believe in AGILE development and hope you do to.

Here are some other details:

  • Full-time (37.5 hours per week) with flexible work schedule, we have an office we’d like you to work in but you can also work from home too
  • Develop code using various medical software development platforms to design 3D structure for medical applications
  • Write supporting functions using various medical software development platforms to achieve design goals and abide constraints
  • Create data-sharing interfaces between different software applications
  • Enhance application runtime performance
  • Demonstrate an ability to meet deadlines and exceed expectations of quality with respect to robust implementation of code.
  • Keep the Lead, project management and related interested parties up to date with timely communication around progress.
  • A desire to expand your knowledge and understanding across disciplines including quality management.
  • A talent for time-management and productivity that doesn’t require being policed.
  • Demonstrate close attention to detail and have strong capabilities of observation and accuracy .
  • Work effectively either closely with a team or by yourself, managed or unmanaged to accomplish a common goal.


We’d like you to have some skills from this list

The list below is a little more formal and outlines some skills that are good to have however if you can show equivalence that will do.


  • Bachelor or MS/PhD in Engineering, Science, Computer Science, or Mathematics
  • At least 3 years experience with C/C++ and object oriented programming methodology.
  • At least 1 year experience with Python
  • 3D image rendering using various open source mark up, Microsoft WPL, GTK
  • Experience with heterogeneous three-dimensional object descriptions and manipulation
  • Facility with mathematics of surfaces, i.e. geometry (analytic, differential) and linear algebra
  • Understanding of volumetric operations as they relate to 3D rendered objects including boolean subtraction, occlusion, surface smoothing
  • Experience working with dynamic manipulation of 3D convex polygons including boolean operations on meshes such as AND, OR, XOR and NOT
  • Experience with algorithms related to polygon manipulation and modification
  • A firm grasp of 3D math as it relates to 3D volume rendering and voxel imaging.
  • Understanding of the use of ray tracing in object surface detection.
  • Ability to work efficiently within a command-line or terminal environment.
  • Knowledge of Windows API programming and development.
  • Knowledge of software development best practices, standards and architecture.
  • Compose reusable, efficient and programmer-friendly code which conforms to the previously mentioned standards.
  • Complete assigned programming tasks in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Demonstrate good judgement with respect to task priorities and the end goal of the project.
  • Grow and develop aptitudes with multiple languages including Python, C++, MeVisLab, MatLab


But if you’re close let us know either way we would love to hear from you

Would be great if you could do this stuff

  • Experience working with tomographic data, including DICOM standards
  • API development and interfacing between multiple software systems
  • Familiarity with design optimization workflows
  • Experience with 3d printing, including configuring 3d print files (STL format)
  • Experience designing, building, and validating technical software applications
  • Experience with vector code and distributed computing
  • Familiarity with cancer treatment therapies and protocols

Other stuff….

  • We are looking for leaders who aren’t afraid to take initiative, roll up their sleeves and get to work
  • Takes independent initiative and is self-motivated
  • Can handle a lot of autonomy and independence but, can also play well on a team

How much will I make you ask?

We pay very well…besides a competitive salary we also provide:

  • Health Insurance
  • 3D Bolus Inc Employee Stock Options
  • Annual Bonus pool
  • Milestone Bonuses based on product development and delivery

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